Standardized Patient (SP) Request Process

Customer – Sends SP Request – this request can come via various forms of communication (phone call or email, and eventually the official online request form).

SP Coordinator – Receives request and schedules exploratory discussion with SP Education Specialist and Requestor, and SP Manager, as needed.

SP Education Specialist & SP Coordinator - Exploratory Discussion with Requestor – update Program Manager, if not included in the meeting

SP Coordinator – Schedule planning meeting – Include requestor (and any additional parties on their end), SP Education Specialist, SP Coordinator, SP Program Manager (if needed), and if the event is taking place in a SASC Simulation area, this meeting will also include the additional appropriate Coordinators and/or Education Specialists, and at least one Simulation Operation Specialist

SP Education Specialist – Summarize Action Items from Planning Meeting and relay information to ALL participants involved in the planning meeting (via minutes)

SP Coordinator – Schedules and Confirms Event date with Customer.  If taking place in a SASC Simulation area, follows up with appropriate Coordinator, as well.

SP Education Specialist – Schedules Dry Run and Trainings with Coordinator

SP Coordinator – Schedules SPs and Trainers (if needed)

SP Education Specialist & SP Coordinator – one or both will be present at the Event

SP Education Specialist – Leads Course Debriefing and reviews Report Card