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Interventional Radiology


Two advanced hands-on training programs offered by Cleveland Clinic's Imaging Institute under the preceptorship of Aman Gill, MD.
  • Advanced Techniques in Interventional Oncology
  • Optional 2 week adjunct program: Advanced Techniques in Portal Hypertension
The goal of these programs is to provide additional post-fellowship training in advanced techniques in Interventional Oncology and/or Portal Hypertension. These are two fields that the Cleveland Clinic Interventional Radiology department has a wealth of experience.

Objectives of the Program
  • Familiarize trainees with basic science, pertinent current evidence, and best practices in the fields of Interventional Oncology and Portal Hypertension.
  • Provide hands-on training in these techniques from experienced CCF IR staff.
  • Demonstrate the multidisciplinary approach to Interventional Oncology by attendance at the Liver Oncology Clinic and Tumor Board.
  • Achieve competency to perform these procedures independently when they return to their practice.

Curriculum will be formed from a combination of didactic, hands on training, and clinical settings:

Pre-Program Self-Education
  • Reading list with evaluation
  • ​Introductory lectures covering basic science, pertinent current evidence, indications, patient selection, pre procedural evaluation, post procedure follow up and imaging.
Hands on Training
  • ​Following didactic presentation, trainees will begin by assisting CCF IR staff in cases. After assisting 2-3 cases of each procedure type, trainees will then function as first operator with CCF IR staff oversight.
Clinical Application
  • Attend multidisciplinary liver oncology clinic held every Thursday in A100. This clinic consists of IR, hepatobiliary and transplant surgery, medical oncology, hepatology, and transplant/IR case management.
  • Attend multidisciplinary liver oncology tumor board held every Thursday following the above mentioned clinic.
  • Rounding on relevant inpatients with NP-PAs.
Sample Training Schedule

Week 1
  • 2.5 days of orientation to CCF, IR department, EPIC, etc.
  • 2.5 days of didactic lectures, both live and interactive modules.
Week 2
  • Begin observation/first assist. Attempt to assist on 2-3 cases in chosen program topic.
Week 3
  • Begin to function as first operator on IO cases.
Week 4
  • Consolidation of skill. Program feedback.
Week 5-6:
  • Those applicants electing the hypertension adjunct will continue to perform I/O cases for weeks 5-6, as assisting/performing TIPS throughout the 6 weeks as they become available.

Please note: Case volume is estimated and may vary depending on scheduling and staff availability.




Applicants must:
  • Have a valid US medical license
  • Be licensed in the state of Ohio or eligible to apply for a Special Activities Permit for the Ohio State Medical Board
  • Have an ABR Board certification or board eligibility in diagnostic radiology.
  • Have completed a fellowship in Vascular and Interventional Radiology
  • Have practicing privileges in their parent institution
  • Provide a statement of goals and expectations, along with the application
International Applicants:
  • To participate, non-citizen physicians can participate without Clinic visa sponsorship if they have unrestricted U.S. employment authorization, e.g. lawful permanent resident (green card); Temporary Protected Status; Temporary Resident Status, Refugee or Asylee status, or any other status which authorizes the non-citizen physician to work without employer sponsorship.
  • If you do have current U.S. employment authorization, as an international physician, you must also be ECFMG certified, having taken USMLE steps 1-3, in order to participate.
  • If you have only ECFMG, then you will need to have actively practiced medicine in the U.S. for the last 2 years, or have been in an ACGME training program within the last 2 years.
  • If you have not done either of those items, then you must complete all parts of the USMLE to be eligible for Special Activities License.
  • If you meet these qualifications, then we can proceed with your application for the CAST program.
  • If not, you will be directed to the International Observership program and they will be able to explain the opportunities available to you there.


Available Programs:
  • ​Advanced Techniques in Interventional Oncology
  • Advanced Techniques in Portal Hypertension
The standard duration for each program will consist of a 4 week curriculum. We also offer an abbreviated 2 week curriculum for each as well.

Applicants can choose from any of the following options:
  • ​Interventional Oncology program (4 weeks)
    • Tuition = $20,000
  • Interventional Oncology and Portal Hypertension programs (6 weeks)
    • Tuition = $30,000
** In the event that you need to cancel after payment has been received, application has been approved, and onboarding has begun, you will incur a cancellation fee of 30% of you tuition. The remaining balance (70%) will be  reimbursed back to you.


The first step is to complete and submit this pre-application form

Our office will contact you shortly thereafter.