About Us

The Cleveland Clinic has a long history of utilizing simulation as a tool to teach healthcare professionals; however, prior to 2010, simulation was scattered throughout the institution. The absence of centralized scheduling, space, technical support, resources to develop educationally sound curricula, and use of valid and reliable assessment measures highlighted the institution's urgent need for more formal oversight.

In May of 2012, the Simulation and Advanced Skills Center officially opened its doors for use. This consolidated all simulation activities into a common center with a unified multidisciplinary organizational structure.  In 2013, Nursing Education Simulation and the Center for Surgical Innovation, Technology, and Education (cSite) merged with the Simulation Center and added two additional human patient simulation labs and skills lab, a wet lab, and robotic lab to the areas governed by the Simulation and Advanced Skills Center.  The unification of these departments encompasses a full realm of simulation activities and offers learners a rich educational experience.

The Simulation and Advanced Skills Center (SASC) spans over 10,000 square-feet throughout the Cleveland Clinic's main campus at 9500 Euclid Avenue. We offer a variety of courses throughout the year, self-guided tasked-based simulators, in-situ simulations throughout Northeast Ohio, as well as the ability to create a course of your own.

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