Simulation Center Social Distancing Guidelines
Simulation Center’s response to COVID-19

  • All participants and facilitators will have their temperature checked on arrival.
    • Please let us know if you did not receive a check.
  • All facilitators and participants who are not feeling well, please refrain from attending the course and reschedule.
  • All facilitators and participants in attendance are to wash hands and use the hand sanitizers stationed throughout the Center and labs.
  • Each room has a maximum capacity designation based on the 6 foot distance social distancing recommendation with measured floor markings.  Please assist the Center by following these guidelines.
    • We do understand that some parts of simulation may require a closer distance at times; please do the best you can to maintain these parameters.
  • Face masks will be required at all times aligning with the current Cleveland Clinic (CC) guidelines.  Gloves will be available as needed.
    • Please wear a cloth mask from home or a CC issued mask.  If you do not have one, please ask.
    • If CC guidelines change, participants should wear a mask at all times when a 6-foot distance is not possible during hands-on portions of the simulation.
    • PPE should be used at all times if the simulation requires it (i.e., L1 activities).
  • After using an item, participants/facilitators are to wipe down the piece with sanitation wipes provided.  SASC staff will clean the room during breaks and after the event.
  • To limit the use of iPads for sign-in and evaluation:
    • Sign In:  Use your phone’s camera app to scan the Attendance QR codes located throughout the Center or provided by your facilitator. Choose your correct course from the drop-down list. 
    • Evaluation:  At the completion of the course, scan the evaluation QR code to fill out the review.
    • iPads are available if you do not have a phone or do not wish to use your phone.  Please ask for one.