Mission Statement

Support education and training of those who serve to foster delivery of quality patient care and safety.

It is the vision of the Simulation and Advanced Skills Center to:
  • Develop a "best practice" skills program that will provide an appropriate educational setting where basic and complex procedures can be learned and practiced by healthcare professionals in all specialties prior to performing procedures of living patients.
  • Develop a process in which educators can interact and receive support from a pool of experts in various fields such as education, engineering, computer science, and data management to aid in "best practice" training.
  • Develop an infrastructure in which educators can share administrative and technical support, space, data collection, use of mobile and in-situ simulation, and research and development in training.
  • Position the Cleveland Clinic as an institution that utilizes cutting-edge simulation technology for the training of its personnel and medical education programs to improve learning while promoting patient safety.